IPTV Test Equipment

Argus 156

Argus 156

Argus 156 is the latest generation high-end combi tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester, SHDSL tester). and is the only handheld tester/analyser to integrate VDSL2 (all profiles), ADSL (Annex A, B, J, L, M) and SHDSL (2, 4 and 8 wire), Ethernet, ISDN PRI/E1, BRI/S/T/U and POTS interfaces in a single measurement device.


Trafficlyser TraceMon

TraceMon is a passive long-term monitoring solution for VoIP, video and IPTV applications.TraceMon employs internationally accepted evaluation methods to analyse VoIP and video streams in IP networks,
and to deliver extensive reports on and detailed assessments of the network’s speech and video
qualities (QoS).