ISDN Tester Argus 3U + NT

ISDN Tester Argus 3U + NTThe ARGUS 3U +NT allows testing of BOTH ISDN 2 Exchange lines and Phone S/T Terminal equipment also U-interface and POTS accesses.

The ARGUS 3U +NT ISDN tester offers Simulation of the exchange (NT) and Terminal Equipment (TE), enabling PABX configuration and programming to be carried out in the workshop–before being shipped to customer site.

On site, the PASSIVE monitoring enables DETECTION of incompatibilities with attached equipment and support for BERT testing permanent circuits. Additionally, this tester offers convenient testing of internal extension cables and includes recharge the accumulators in the tester.

The ARGUS series’ all-round ISDN tester. Its handy design and many functions simplify the testing of a BRI, U-interface or POTS access. The optional ARGUS WINanalyse software further extends the tester’s range of applications with the addition of D-channel monitoring and decoding on BRI accesses.

  • Test ISDN 2 circuits
  • BRI tester with a sophisticated design
  • BRI interface in TE/NT mode with D-channel monitoring
  • Both U-interface and POTS interface in TE mode
  • CLIP and advice of charges on POTS lines plus a POTS monitor
  • Cabling test for BRI accesses
  • Voltage and signal level measurement
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • Operation using cursor keys, softkeys and direct-mode keys
  • Automatic test sequence (AutoTest) with Multiple results saved
  • Transfer of data to a PC, including monitor, tracing and test reports
  • Powered by the BRI access, battery, accumulator or plug-in power supply
  • Can recharge the accumulators in the tester
  • Flash-ROM technology for software updates via a PC


  • BRI 128K BERT
  • WINanalyse – D channel decoding PC software
  • Remote kit

Technical Details

Accesses / Interfaces:

BRI: NT/ TE / Leased Line / Monitor / cabling tests
U interface: TE
POTS: TE / Monitor

Optional Accesses / Interfaces:


Can test results be saved?

incl. up to 20 test results

Can user profiles be saved?

PC-software WINplus / WINanalyse / Remote-Kit:

incl. / option / option

PC interfaces:

serial / USB optional


plug-in power supply, standard accumulator (Mignon AA), BRI feeding

What’s Included?

  • Argus ISDN Tester incl. rechargeable batteries
  • WINplus PC software for display, printout and storing of automated access tests
  • Carry case
  • Power Supply
  • Access cable (BRI and U interface)
  • Manual