ISDN Tester – Argus 3U Plus

ISDN Tester – Argus 3U PlusPractical ISDN tester for BRI, U-interface and POTS accesses and permanent circuits. The right decision in a handy entry-level tester.

Functional with an intuitive design for day-to-day use on ISDN accesses. Additionally, this tester offers convenient testing of cables and charging of the accumulators.

  • Test ISDN 2 circuits
  • Integrated handset in an ergonomic design
  • BRI, U-interface and POTS interfaces in terminal mode
  • CLIP function on POTS accesses
  • POTS monitor with CLIP and DTMF display
  • Intuitive menus with cursor keys and softkeys
  • Automatic test sequence (AutoTest) with results saved
  • Data transfer to a PC with the optional WINplus PC software
  • Trace and test reports
  • Optional cabling test for BRI accesses
  • Powered by the BRI access, battery, accumulator or plug-in power supply
  • Flash-ROM technology for software updates via a PC (WINplus)


  • Cabling tests
  • BRI 128K BERT
  • POTS: SMS monitor
  • WINplus software
  • WINanalyse – D channel decoding PC software
  • Remote kit

Technical Details

Accesses / Interfaces

BRI: TE / Leased Line
U interface: TE
POTS: TE / Monitor

Optional Accesses / Interfaces

BRI: Cabling tests / 128K-BERT
POTS: SMS monitor

Can test results be saved?


Can user profiles be saved?

PC-software WINplus / WINanalyse / Remote-Kit

option / option / option

PC interfaces

serial / USB optional


plug-in power supply, standard accumulator (Mignon AA), BRI feeding

What’s Included?

  • Argus ISDN Tester incl. rechargeable batteries
  • Power Supply
  • Access cable (BRI and U interface)
  • Manual