Actris – ISDN Protocol Analyser

ActrisThe ACTRIS So and S/U are ISDN protocol analysers able to capture and decode all the signalling that passes over an ISDN 2, Basic Rate Access, allowing BOTH customer equipment and Exchange access faults to be quickly identified.

Both ACTRIS So and S/U suitable for installation, LONG-TERM monitoring and troubleshooting installations of ISDN 2- BRI.

  • So interface Probe : signalling information decode is stored in the 4 / 8 Mb flash memory. To retrieve the information, connect to PC – directly or via modem link- allowing you to identify the faulty equipment on the local loop namely Network Termination or Terminal Equipment.
  • Protocol Analysis: ACTRIS So is compliant for use with the ACTW Windows TM software. providing D and maintenance channel protocol analysis (EDSS1, VN6, 1TR6, Q.SIG, N-ISDN, X.25…). Results are stored on the ACTRIS So probe or transferred automatically to your PC. ACTW software provides several facilities enabling efficient network fault identification and exportation of results in common data format.
  • Call Data Records: This application, a full part of ACTW eXpert, provides a clear synthesis of all calls captured. No need to be an expert in protocol analysis to understand what is going on in the network. Filtering functions help you to quick focus on the relevant information.

Technical Details



ISDN Reference Point

S0/T0 (2B+D)

U Line Code

Supported Protocol

EDSS1*, Q.931, N4/VN6*, Q-SIG*, X.25/D, DASS2, DPNSS
*: Including supplementary services decoding


4 or 8 Mb memory Card

PSTN Remote Control

RS 232 for PC or modem connection

ISDN Remote Control

Modem connection



220 x 215 x 35 mm


0.5 kg


12 V / 500 A