WIN Analyse – Detailed D-channel protocol analysis

WIN Analyse
Detailed D-channel protocol analysis

The WIN analyse option provides an additional window with the clear text decoding of the messages selected in the tabular overview. Window sizes and all settings can be configured and stored in individual configurations.

WIN Analyse includes all features of the WINplus software for displaying results from an ARGUS tester on the PC as well as additional analysis functions for evaluating the tests. The software can capture errors that occur while setting up an xDSL connection or during the connection and then display these along with the various xDSL parameters in their proper chronological order. For these xDSL or IPTV online traces, the results can be presented in the form of clear diagrams for a long-term analysis. This makes it easier, for example, to analyse the bitrate, the signal-to-noise ratio or the error counter totals in connection with the loss of synchronization. 

For ISDN applications, WIN Analyse offers the option of extending ARGUS 145 plus and ARGUS 156 testers to include complete D channel report analysis. The software decodes the data recorded by one of these ARGUS testers with a real-time D channel monitor. WIN Analyse displays this data in a table or presents the interpreted results in the form of clear text in a separate text window. The software decodes DSS1, X.25 in the D channel and other protocols and can simultaneously record the data from several D channels.

For tests on PRI interfaces, WIN Analyse provides a graphic presentation of the bit error rate test results (MegaBERT) including analysis functions, offering a clear overview at all times.