Argus 42 PLUS – ADSL Tester

Argus 42 PLUS – ADSL TesterThe ARGUS 42 PLUS supporting ADSL/ ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ testing. Includes Analogue (POTs) and ISDN 2 functions plus VOIP-SIP Support.

The ARGUS 42 PLUS is the latest package to offer ALL variants of ADSL, ADSL 2 and 2+, supporting the measurement of the upstream and downstream line parameters with a graphic display of the line spectrum. Determine the ADSL Quality-of-Service automatically within seconds by receiving the connection rates and noise margins from the DSLAM at the customer.

It can be used with ADSL-over-POTS as well as ADSL-over-ISDN. An optional IP ping function and an Ethernet interface with an Ethernet through-mode can be added to enable the ARGUS 42 PLUS to test Internet connections. With these, Network Operators can use these testers to exchange data packets with the Internet provider to determine the transmission quality of Internet connections.

The option(s) extend the testers with support for a whole range of additional test functions, which include among others a trace-route function for displaying all of the routers involved and ADSL data throughput tests for the FTP and http protocols. A TCP/IP dump includes the IP data and thus permits the user to perform an IP protocol analysis.

  • ADSL tester with modem simulation (ATU-R)
  • Measurement of the maximum ADSL data rate and the line parameters for up and downstream
  • Graphic display of the ADSL measurement results on the display as well as on PC
  • Intuitive menus with cursor keys and softkeys
  • Fully automatic access tests with test report on PC
  • Battery operation with an internal charger


  • Powerful POTS tester with support for CLIP and POTS monitor with CLIP/DTMF display
  • ISDN 2 tester with TE simulation – allowing Voice , DATA and BERT testing, Trace Decoding using the WINPLUS software
  • ATM layer tests (PING, VPI/VCI scan, OAM loopback, BERT) IP tests (PING/HTTP and FTP download/traceroute)
  • Ethernet port in TE (PC replacement) and through-mode(modem replacement)
  • Bridge and router mode incl. DHCP server
  • Protocols: PPPoE, PPPoA, IP o. ATM, Ethernet o. ATM, IP, PPTP
  • Remote control and configuration with ARGUS Remote-Kit

Technical Details

Accesses / Interfaces

ADSL2/2+: Annex A, B, M or A + B + M

Optional Accesses / Interfaces

ADSL2/2+: Annex A, B, M or A + B + M
BRI: TE / Leased line / 128K-BERT
U interface: TE
POTS: TE / Monitor / SMS monitor
more: Ethernet / IP ping / bridge and router mode / Download / VoIP (MOS) / MDI

Can test results be saved?

20 test results

Can user profiles be saved?

ADSL/ ADSL 2 and ADSL 2 + Profiles

PC-software WINplus / WINanalyse / Remote-Kit

incl. / option / option

PC Interfaces

serial / USB optional


plug-in power supply, standard accumulator (Mignon AA)

What’s Included?

  • Argus Tester incl. rechargeable batteries
  • Power supply
  • Carry strap
  • Carry case
  • shock absorbing rubber jacket
  • WINplus PC software for display, printout and storing of automated access tests
  • RJ-45 cable for ADSL
  • Manual