Profishark 100m – All-in-One Ethernet Troubleshooter

Profishark 100m - All-in-One Ethernet TroubleshooterDesigned for regular Ethernet and Real-Time Industrial Ethernet, the Profishark 100M offers the most complete and cost effective solution for tapping into your network.

The PROFISHARK 100M is a straightforward solution. In-Line, it sees and monitors all 7 protocol layers. It captures and merges full-duplex traffic at wirespeed (200 Mb). It only requires one USB 2.0 (480 Mb) port. It is an ultra compact, easy to use solution. The hardware setup takes less than a minute.


  • full-duplex aggregation on USB 2.0
  • non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • introduces no network latency
  • permanent network link guaranteed
  • bypass data on power failure, no packet loss
  • galvanic separation for maximum protection
  • shows MAC Faults for sniffers
  • monitoring of all protocol levels
  • CRC errors frames capture
  • fully 802.3af & VoIP compliant
  • ultra compact, only 24x55x102mm
  • USB powered, no adaptor required
  • tested with major analysis & monitoring systems
  • 5 ns timestamp + converter tool
  • MAC/IP Filter Mechanic + SetUp tool


This feature allows real time analysis of aggregated and buffered traffic. It can measure latencies in nanosecond precision.

General application


The PROFISHARK 100M is designed to work with 3rd party software,such as Wireshark, OmniPeek (WildPackets), Observer (Network Instruments) and many more. The included USB key holds the necessary drivers and powerful analysis software.