Classic Tap Series

Classic TAPS SeriesFull Duplex, Fast Ethernet Monitoring and Time & Telegram Analysis at Industry’s Real Time Ethernet
Designed for regular and industrial Ethernet, these Copper TAPs offer the most complete and cost effective measurement solution for on the fly or permanent field services or stationary use:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Packet Flow Switches Analysis
  • Consolidating Tool Farms Appliances
  • Network Analysis & Monitoring
  • Protocol Analysis and more…


The Copper TAPs avoid downtime in your network. Easy to install, fault tolerant and transparent to the network, not introducing a point of failure to the network. While monitoring the traffic at maximum wire speed, the Tap is invisible to the network, none intrusive for 100% security and copies all 7 layers to the monitor output.

Several models cover either single link monitoring as well as higher density configurations, High Quality RJ45 gold plated connectors, low power consumption and provided options are just a few details which make this products a reliable part of your monitoring appliances. These Copper Taps offer a perfect and cost effective solution to tap networks. We offer portable solutions provided in a pouche for safe transportation plus rackmountable models for stationary use. See models in the table below.

Classic TAPs 10/100

The classic 10/100 TAP with Rail Clip & Industrial PowerClassic TAPS Series
C1P-100The classic portable 10/100 TAP – take it everywhereClassic TAPS Series
C1R-100The classic rackmount 10/100 TAP Classic TAPS Series
C4-100The classic four in one 10/100 TAP Classic TAPS Series
C8-100, C12-100, C16-100, C20-100Classic Multi TAPs 10/100 – four configurationsClassic TAPS Series
Classic TAPs 10/100/1000
C1P-1GThe classic portable Gigabit TAP – take it everywhereClassic TAPS Series
C1R-1GClassic rackmount Gigabit TAPClassic TAPS Series
C8-1GMulti TAP for GigaBit NetworksClassic TAPS Series
Replicator TAPs 10/100/1000
C1-100-RG4Single In-Line x4 Replicator TAPClassic TAPS Series
C1-RG4-SCCSingle SPAN Port x4 Replicator TAP

available Q1-2010

Classic TAPS Series
WAN Copper Taps for E1, E3 and T1, T3 & more
W1-E1-1MT1/E1 Model 1, rackmount Classic TAPS Series
W1-E1-2MT1/E1 Model 2, rackmountClassic TAPS Series
W2-E1-2P Dual Port T1/E1, portable, rackmount optionClassic TAPS Series
W1-ST1-B6STM1 – 6 BNC TAP, rackmount Classic TAPS Series
W1-E3-B4E3/DS3/T3 – 4 BNC TAP, portabe, rackmount optionClassic TAPS Series
W1-E3-B6E3/DS3/T3 -6 BNC TAP, rackmountClassic TAPS Series
W1-ISSSerial RS422/X21 TAP, portable, rackmount optionClassic TAPS Series
W1-E3-IHSHSSI/T3 TAP, portable, rackmount optionClassic TAPS Series