VoIP Call Recorder

VoIP Call Recorder

  • Pocket size with metal case
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control for full-duplex and back-pressure flow control for half-duplex
  • Auto-MDI/MDI-X function for any port
  • Smart plug & play
  • Port Mirroring
  • Powered from PC USB port or external power adapter for CG VoIP Box
  • Auto-detect full/half-duplex modes for any port (for CG VoIP PoE Box)
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE Standard (no extra power required, for CG VoIP PoE Box)

CG VoIP Box/ Network hub (sometimes referred to as a concentrator or repeater Hub) refers to a networking component which acts as a convergence point of a Network allowing the transfer of data packet copies.

In its simplest form a CG VoIP Box/hub works by duplicating the data packets received via one Port and making it available to all ports, therefore allowing data sharing between all devices connected to the hub. This feature is very useful as way to record VoIP conversations. CG decodes the incoming data packets to reassemble the original conversations and record them. This approach is feasible because almost all vendors use RTP as the protocol for sending VoIP packets.

Benefit from Multicasting technology like Cisco etc., VoIP content can be delivered as multicast stream only from a broadcast publishing point, which means that you don’t even need an extra Hub for packet sniffing on purpose, it saves your cost and easier to deploy.

By widely interoperable to the most popular IP platform, CG decodes all kinds of VoIP protocol and extracts phone on/off hook events which will be translated into call recording trigger/stop message, as well as call information like Caller/Called ID, Call direction, Call Parking for future search and data resource of QM application.

As a unique network device, CG VoIP Box is designed by powered by USB interface, which means no extra power supply connection is required in case there is no more power outlet on the wall and definitely makes your desk neat and well organized.

CIS provides us two version of hub devices as for VoIP recording environment. One is CG VoIP Box, another is CG VoIP PoE Box in case you are running CG recorder in PoE network.