MTY EYE USB-A2 Call Recorder

MTY EYE USB-A2 Call RecorderAnalogue call recording device with 2 ports.

  • Call Recorder
  • Test & Measurement
  • Collection of Call Related Data (CDR)
  • Integration with OEM software
Other Analog Call Recorder Models

MTY EYE USB-A8 (8 port Analogue module)

MTY EYE USB-A8Bx (8 port Analogue module)

Call Recorder

Record and store your important phone conversation for future reference. Finding a previously recorded call by telephone numbers or date and time of call is easy. If you connected the MTY Eye USB-A2 device to your analogue telephone interface the recording will start automatically as soon as you receive a call. When connecting the device to other analogue lines recording will begin if someone speaks through the line. In this case the microphone is always open and reacts to sounds.

Test and Measurement Device

The EyeSDN USB-A2 device assists you in the detection of wiring problems. The device can detect errors in the physical layer by providing information about power, ring pulse and signal activity.

Collection of Call-Related Data

The MTY Eye USB-A2 device collects call-detailed record (CDR) data for calculation of charge information or measurement of service quality parameters (e.g. number of calls, time from ring to answer or engaged parties). The MTY Eye USB-A2 support booth Caller ID, “DTMF before first ring” and “V.23 modem between first and second ring” to obtain the number of the calling party on inbound calls (both in onhook state). For outbound calls the device detects DTMF digits in offhook state. The collected data can be exported to a comma separated list for further processing (e.g. in Excel).

Integration with OEM Software

The open and documented socket interface makes it easy for third parties to use the call recording service in their applications. So the MTY Eye USB-A2 offers a low cost recording probe for two analog telephone lines.

Compare MTY EYE Call Recorders
Device TypeLine TypeUSB ConnectionNumber of recorded channels
MTY EYE USB-S01 x ISDN2 external2
MTY EYE USB-4S4 x ISDN2internal8
MTY EYE USB-4Bx4 x ISDN2external8
MTY EYE USB-E11 x ISDN30external30
MTY EYE USB-A22 x analogueexternal2
MTY EYE USB-A88 x analogueinternal8
MTY EYE USB-A8Bx8 x analogue external8