MTY EYE Call Recording Software

MTY EYE Call Recording SoftwareFor use with MTY EYE call recorders.

Incudes 2 parts:-
  1. Part: Call Recording Service: Windows Service which is necessary for the recording and storage of data.
  2. Part: Call Browser: A Software solution for the management of recorded calls.
1. Part – Call Recording Service
  • The EyeSDN USB device records all calls automatically as soon as the computer has started up.
  • If the computer connected to an EyeSDN USB device is part of a network remote access to the data is possible.
  • File name includes the data device, telephone numbers, date, time, service and duration.
  • The call recording software is running in the background.
  • Multiple devices can be connected to a single computer and are integrated into one software application.
  • It is possible to deactivate data recording (e.g. voice recording, protocol or CDR-data).
  • Phone calls can be stored in encrypted or uncrypted form.
  • The default setting for voice recording is A-Law Stereo, two-channel format.
  • That means 960KB/per minute and call disk space.
  • Call Recording data can be saved compressed in the formats MP3, GSM and Mono(disk space: 100KB per minute and call).
  • With the filter dialogue can be defined rules that decide which of the recorded calls are strored or not on the hard drive.
  • Telephone numbers, dates and/or time stampes are filter conditions.
  • There is an open interface for the software integration, e.g. call center software.
2. Part – Call Browser

Beside the above described software features you will get further features when the Call Browser has been installed:

  • The Microsoft programme “.NET” is required to run the Call Browser (included in software package).
  • Call Browser produces a clearly laid out list of the recorded data (call, protocol data and CDR).
  • You get a quick overview of the important information relevant to each call (in- and outgoing telephone number, time of call, duration of call).
  • The EyeSDN USB call recording software offers the ability to listen in to current calls.
  • The data of B and D channel (protocol recording) can be analysed with the open source software WIRESHARK(included).
  • Protocol analysis can be tested on the monitored ISDN lines.
  • Call detailed record data (CDR) such as internal and external telephone numbers, exact date and time as well duration of the call are stored.
  • The export of CDR data to Excel is possible.
  • Recorded data can be played black, archived and deleted with the user-friendly software.
  • The column contents can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Finding data is simplified by powerful filtering and sorting functions.
  • Call recording software is available in German, English, Dutch, Greek and Spanish.
Compare MTY EYE Call Recorders
Device TypeLine TypeUSB ConnectionNumber of recorded channels
MTY EYE USB-S01 x ISDN2 external2
MTY EYE USB-4S4 x ISDN2internal8
MTY EYE USB-4Bx4 x ISDN2external8
MTY EYE USB-E11 x ISDN30external30
MTY EYE USB-A22 x analogueexternal2
MTY EYE USB-A88 x analogueinternal8
MTY EYE USB-A8Bx8 x analogue external8