Trafficlyser – TraceView

Trafficlyser - TraceView 3QTriple Play Analysis Software

A powerful software tool designed for recording and analysing network-traffic at single Ethernet access nodes, optimized for measurements within VoIP and IPTV systems and provided with a number of specific functions for the Triple Play sector as: list of connections, recording of quality-parameters etc.

The additional functions provide rapid evaluation of Quality (QoE) of the recorded IPTV programs and VoIP connections. For IPTV a number of specific functions are available: program table, recording of quality-parameters etc.

In the field WLAN statements can be made about known Access points and field strength values.

  • Installing and implementing IP networks
  • Evaluation of VoIP networks
  • In the fields of assistance, maintenance, quality assurance and conservation of evidence
  • For local troubleshooting
  • Problems with WLAN
  • Long term measurements
  • Examining the Quality of Service parameters (SLA)
  • For schooling and educational purposes
  • Easy to operate for non-experts

Decoded Protocols

  • Ethernet 2, IEEE 803.2
  • IP 4 and 6
  • H.323 (H.225, RAS, H.245, H.235, H.450)
  • MGCP, IGMP (Multicast -> IPTV)
  • RTP, RTCP, T.120

Features & Benefits

  • Trace display and detailed decoding (partially at bit-level) of single packets, as well as visualization of single packets in hexadecimals
  • Filtering of trace before and after recording
  • Extensive search function
  • Recording of large data amounts (Merge-, Cut function, automated saving)
  • Overview of all Triple Play analysis data
  • Easy to use User interface (easy navigation though dialogs)
  • Record and Replay of audio and video data
  • Loading and saving of single traces
  • Printing of protocol-data
  • Lists of names which are updated automatically or can be edited manually
  • Statistics of recording with network-traffic diagram, circle diagrams with protocol distribution, list of Top-Talkers with graphical display and IP diagram
  • Auto recognition of connection (H.323 and SIP) with extensive, selectable list of connections and details of connections
  • Extensive diagrams for heavy load performance of connected stations at a network node
  • Automated session recognition of RTP data with display of quality parameters
  • Display of R factor and MOSCQE value based on E model (ITU-T Rec. G.107)
  • Representation of the signalling in a time diagram (arrow diagram)
  • Recognition of RTP/RTP sessions and visualization of related packets, display of reference information
  • Display of quality parameters like Inter-Arrival-Time, Jitter and Communication pattern
  • Reporting Tool for further processing of the data
  • Extensive help functions


System Requirements


Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win2003 Server


min. 1 Gbyte

Hard Disk Space

min. 2 GByte


min. 2 GHz