TraceMon IPTV

TraceMonVoIP, video and IPTV monitoring solution

TraceMon is a passive long-term monitoring solution to support the smooth running of VoIP, video and IPTV applications in IT infrastructures. TraceMon monitors all components involved in the communication process to ensure that they move within the required network parameters.

  • Monitoring of network qualities for VoIP, video and IPTV applications
  • SLA reporting
  • Detect and identify sources of errors in VoIP, video and IPTV applications
  • Actively alert when measured values fall below user-defined threshold values
  • Monitor and evaluate the entire VoIP, video and IPTV traffic
  • Compliance with data protection guidelines (interception option not available)

TraceMon employs internationally accepted evaluation methods to analyse VoIP and video streams in IP networks. It assists the technician in evaluating and managing the network perfomance through extensive reports and detailed assessments of speech and video qualities (QoS).

TraceMon’s alarming puts the network administrator in charge. Notifications and alarms are sent out automatically when threshold values are exceeded. In addition, TraceMon delivers the necessary information for SLA reporting to fully control and administer the agreed network performance levels. TraceMon is a reliable high performance software solution designed for long-term monitoring of VoIP, video and IPTV applications, while offering excpetional user-friendly features and providing key information about the network performance. Armed with this information you can make well informed decisions when it matters most.


  • Provide service continuity to secure customer satisfaction
  • Avoid network problems and quality impairments
  • Save on follow-up costs
  • Ensure compliance with SLAs


  • Ensure operational reliability and optimise service procedures
  • Minimise response and recovery times during performance bottlenecks
  • Reduce costs during field service

Reliable Measurement Results

  • TraceMon is a VoIP, video and IPTV monitoring tool which can be operated without detailed protocol knowledge
  • All VoIP, video and IPTV connections can be monitored at one network node
  • Measured data is stored; Raw data is not stored and the interception option is deactivated (no playback of VoIP calls or video streams)
  • Data is captured via mirror ports or TAPs (Test Access Point)
  • Possiblity to evaluate other recorded trace files (*.pcap)
  • Remotely configurable
  • Accurate documentation and reporting of SLAs

Optimised network performance analysis

  • Evaluation of RTP session through R-factor/ MOS according to the E-model (ITU-T Rec. G.107)
  • Graphical output of measured quality parameters: tables, graphs and traffic light function
  • Management reports printed in PDF
  • Alerts given when values fall below threshholds
  • Evaluation of video streams according to the VS model
  • Evaluation of IPTV streams according to TR 101 290


VOIP Codecs

G.711 a-/µ-law, G.721, G.723.1, G.729a, GSM, iLBC

Measured network parameters

DeltaT (min/avg/max), Jitter (min/avg/max), Packet loss, Reordered packets, Duplicated packets

IPTV Protocols


Video codecs

min. 1.4 GHz

Evaluation models

E-model (ITU-T Rec. G.107),R-factor / MOS CQE, TR 101 290

VoIP Protocols



Static jitter buffer, PCAP import