Sirius Line Rate Capture Storage System

Sirius Line Rate Capture Storage SystemHigh performance 1/10/40G packet capture system

SwiftWing SIRIUS Line-rate Capture Storage (LCS) system is designed to meet today’s demand for high-speed and high traffic packet capture on the IP network. Capable of sustaining 20 Gbps capture to disk regardless of packet sizes, SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS ensures that no packet are lost when capturing traffic in any types of network conditions.

  • New intuitive and user friendly GUI for operations and configurations.
  • Powerful capture configuration supports packet slicing, file rotation and data protection mechanism.
  • Smart Hardware Filter Engine allows robust and flexible filter conditions on network traffic.
  • RESTful API for remote access to stored data, pcap files, and statistics allow integration with third-party appliances and custom scripts.
  • Built-in packet decode display allows viewing of packet data directly on the GUI.
  • New packet index and search function allows you to search your packets using IP, protocol, time etc.
  • New Logging System categorises system messages.
  • Support SNMP traps, remote syslog, internal application log for alerts and security logging.
  • Real-time and historical packet statistics and graph display.
  • Support 20 Gbps capture to disk regardless of packet size.
  • Highly customisable storage configurations.
  • Microseconds statistics allow in-depth microburst analysis.

What’s new in version 3.3?

All new GUI

The new GUI is designed to be responsive across all your desktop and mobile devices. There is more information available such as ports, and system’s details. The new capture session listing provides better capture session management.

Full packet indexing and search

Quickly search capture session by IP ports, protocols, and extract results into PCAP or .csv output.

New API functions

The API now supports full statistics output, which includes mircoburst statistics.

New logging system

The new logging systems provides in-depth log and audit with search and categorisation for the SIRIUS system.

Your default capture option

Personalise your capture option, and get quicker access to start your capture.



SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS can be deployed with network Taps to capture full-duplex traffic at line-rate or deployed with an aggregation switch to consolidate multiple links to a single capture file.

ModelCapture rateRack size
SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS 10GbE/40GbE20 Gbps2U
SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS GbE4 Gbsp3U
SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS GbE4/12.5 Gbps4U
SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS 10GbE/40GbE20 GbpsMultibox TYPE3 / TYPE5
SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS 1/10GbE Portable4/11 GbpsPortable
SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS Portable Mini4 GbpsPortable mini