About Moesarc Technology Ltd

Established in 1996, our mission statement to offer organisations a practical and economic solution for testing ISDN, WAN, LAN and GSM media with “Sniffer” Analyser and Simulation Test Tools has been achieved successfully.

Company development enabled our resources to diversify to support “project products” which included – the very successful MTY EYE Voice recorder allowing financial institutions and Call Centres to adopt call recording on existing phone systems.

Expansion of the Network ProfiShark solutions includes Swiftwings a practical Data Capture engine supporting 1G , 10G and 40 G bps Ethernet interfaces

The company’s main strengths are its knowledge of Telecommunications and Data Communications and an understanding of the needs of major players.

The MT range continues to allow Mobile Telephony Manufacturers and Operators to qualify the performance of the elements within the GSM/ GPRS/ UMTS networks including Signalling, Speech, Data and Fax. New functionality available with the MT 200 X Simulator include GPRS, AMR and TFO applications.

INTEC GmbH has expanded their expetise to provide a concise range of XDSL test products to compliment the extensive range of ISDN Simualtion and Analysis packages for probes testing Basic Rate and Primary Rate Networks and Terminal equipment and NGN circuits.

IP Voice has allowed Moesarc Technology UK to offer Qualification and Performance of speech to MOS, PAMS and PESQ standards. ARGUS 15x Series offer extended VOIP testing to produce PESQ reports of speech circuits over POTS, ISDN , ADSL and IP interconnects. Introduction of Fibre Technology with FTTC / FTTP has – networks.

Voice Recording is affordable over ISDN Primary Rate and Basic Rate links and 2-wire analogue (POTS) circuits, with the MTY EYE modular package using USB connectivity -providing Real-Time recording of Voice, display of Frame Decodes, Call data Records and Call Statistics.

Recent additions:

ARGUS 165: Dual Port ADSL / VDSL 2, SHDSL 2, 4, 6, 8 wire, GPON, OTDR, TDR and ISDN


TraceSim: SIP and IPTV Simulation and Analysis applications.

Swiftwing Sirius: Long term high density Network Traffic Collector for 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps Infrastuctures

Other products supplied include Fibre Optic BERT testers and Reflectors, VOIP / LAN Analysers, Bit Error Rate testers for T3/E3,T1/E1-G.703/4, X.21, V24, and V.35.

To find out more contact sales@moesarc.co.uk